Eastern Medicine invades the ad world

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Finally, a more peaceful vibeA State Farm out of home campaign running in California — of course — offers tranquility and bliss, but for your car. "Experience
Peace of Drive," is the tag for 2- and 3-D outdoor, street
installations, and pop-up "car spas," along with billboards, cable car
posters, bus shelters and bus wraps. Gotta envy those cars, which get
the full spa treatment, from aromatherapy candles to massage to yoga to
the equivalent of cucumber slices on one’s eyelids. I just wondered
about the acupuncture ad. Wouldn’t acupuncture virgins (I’m
experienced, thank you) wonder if the car had maybe been attacked by
spear-throwing Indians in an old-time Western movie? BooneOakley handled both creative and media-buying duties.


Per http://www.adrants.com/subject/spoofs/index.php?page=2

BooneOakley is behind State Farm’s "Experience Peace of Drive" car wash campaign. (Apparently you also get a free massage.) More from the effort: bathing car, car and yoga, car and cucumber, car and candles, car and acupuncture.
(Kinda cool. I had a fat friend whose mom made him visit an
acupuncturist to induce weight loss. It didn’t work, but he kept
telling her it did because he found the needles soothing.)




Per Adfreak.com

If a fugitive Bosnian Serb leader wanted for war crimes can elude arrest by turning himself into a bearded, pony-tailed practitioner of alternative medicine,
then the world is certainly ready for less-drastic New Agey
phenomena—like the sight of a car achieving “peace of drive” by
relaxing with cucumber slices over its headlights. The same State Farm
campaign (via BooneOakley of Charlotte, N.C.) included an installation
of a full-sized car in an oversized bubble bath on a Hollywood sidewalk. And to think that insurance companies used to content themselves with handing out calendars.

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