Leonard Shlain

"Art interprets the visible world. Physics charts its unseen workings.
The two realms seem completely opposed. But consider that both strive
to reveal truths for which there are no words––with physicists using
the language of mathematics and artists using visual images. In Art
& Physics, Leonard Shlain tracks their breakthroughs side by side
throughout history to reveal an astonishing correlation of visions.
From the classical Greek sculptors to Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, and
from Aristotle to Einstein, artists have foreshadowed the discoveries
of scientists, such as when Monet and Cezanne intuited the coming
upheaval in physics that Einstein would initiate. In this lively and
colorful narrative, Leonard Shlain explores how artistic breakthroughs
could have prefigured the visionary insights of physicists on so many
occasions throughout history. Provicative and original, Art &
Physics is a seamless integration of the romance of art and the drama
of science––and an exhilarating history of ideas." Quote Per

Cyberpunk Bodhisattva

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