Matthew Galvin


Matthew Galvin is a multifaceted technologist who specializes in immersive digital environments.
creative specialty involves digital synaesthesia – the blending of
neurological information such as sight and sound. He has worked in
every aspect of technology, web, and audio and video production,
including building and maintaining datacenters, reporting, budgeting,
marketing, business development, graphic design, studio and field
production, engineering, and composition.
He attended U.C. Santa
Cruz where he studied cultural theory, art history, digital media arts,
electronic music synthesis, history of consciousness, and

Recently, Matthew is actively engaged in
maintaining an emerging consulting practice in network and datacenter
design and maintenance, systems support, web development, and modelling
and sustaining enterprise computing practices for small and emerging

Matthew has concentrated his creative energies
primarily on designing, engineering, and developing digital media
production and distribution environments which emphasize purely digital
production; developing studio environments which transcend tape-based
production and distribution methodologies and extend production and
distribution capabilities over IP and satellite networks.

City: Santa Cruz, CA

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Country: United States

Schools: U.C. Santa Cruz

Interests and Hobbies: videography, film, web development, business development

Movies and Shows: Airplane!, Monty Python, Futurama

Music: the Minutemen

Books: Infinite Jest

Website: http://www.activematrix.org

Cyberpunk Bodhisattva

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