Kurt Hentschlager


ZEE is a rigorous mindscape; a hallucinatory architecture of pure light; a dream machine.

An enclosed space is filled with a dense, odorless fog that completely
obscures the walls, floor and ceiling. Individuals freely roam this
environment, safely guided by ropes, while flickering light filters
through the haze, inducing hallucinations and sensory distortions
within each viewer. A droning soundscape intensifies this
full-immersion experience, shifting dynamically according to changes in
color, frequency, intensity and mood.

Exhilarating and meditative, Hentschläger's pulsing, stroboscopic and
mind-altering ZEE pushes the boundaries of human perception and creates
an intensely riveting audiovisual journey.

Kurt Hentschläger, a Chicago-based Austrian artist, was last in NYC as
one half of the Austrian duo Granular Synthesis with the spectacular
video and sound environment "NoiseGate" in 2000, part of Creative
Time's "Art in the Anchorage."

Cyberpunk Bodhisattva

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