Legendary psychedelic folk singer Linda Perhacs live at Cinefamily


Linda Perhacs is a California dentist who recorded a legendary psychedelic-folk record titled Parallelograms in 1970. The album was not a success and Perhacs returned to her dentistry practice. In 2000, she discovered to her surprise that 30 years after its release, Parallelograms had become the object of intense cult adulation, championed by musicians like Devendra Banhart and Kim Gordon.

Linda Perhacs will be performing at Cinefamily in Los Angles on August 14th at 7:30p.m.

The twinship between color and sound has captivated artists for centuries. Across film, dance, fine art and music, creators have long sought to convey the harmony between light, movement, and tone that reverberates through nature; it is this synesthetic vision that inspired turned psych-folk songstress Linda Perhacs to record her now mythic 1970 album “Parallelograms”. Crafting transcendental tonal illustrations within the seemingly simple trappings of late-’60s song structures, Linda plumbed the same well of inspiration that drove pioneering filmmakers to eschew representational cinema for a purer way of illustrating the symbiosis of the senses. Join us as we celebrate these visual and sonic explorers, with a rare live set from Ms. Perhacs and her band (featuring selections from “Parallelograms” and new material exclusively debuted at Cinefamily), as well as a selection of boundary-pushing cinema from the masters of the synesthetic form, new video works commissioned for the show, and live dance accompaniment from world-renowned dancer/choreographer Ryan Heffington!

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Living Light: An Evening with Linda Perhacs & Friends from Cinefamily on Vimeo.



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