Tesla Suit – The next step in virtual reality


Tesla Suit – The next step in Virtual Reality

Virtual and upgraded reality are becoming more and more popular among us. While the idea of ​​replacing our “limited” with another reality in which you can be what you want and when you want, is a really interesting perspective, however, the current systems are very limited and are based on systems serving only audio-video content. Meet Tesla Suit – suit which will allow full penetration in the virtual world. This device, or rather, a collection of devices, based on more little devices that are placed on different body parts: waist, torso, arms, hands, legs, knees, etc. T-Belt is the name of the belt which is located on the waist of the body, and also known as the “head unit” and associate the systems for virtual reality via Bluetooth. T-Belt e equipped with a number of exceptional sensors for motion, temperature, gyroscope etc., which allows transmission of the movements of the real world into the virtual. The second most important part of Tesla Suit are the gloves for the hands called T-Glove. With these gloves you can manipulate objects in the virtual world through their “capture”, “release” and “dumping” and will also give you a real sense of holding the subject with their electrics and mechanics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO1fvBuf1Ho There are other parts of the suit hanging in various places (as mentioned above) to be savored feedback of information regarding the virtual world. Interestingly you can use all these sensors and demonstrators signals for other purposes, for example, to remind you to correct the spine, or correct you in the right posture when exercising. The sense of touch itself, the suit exercised in several different ways which are based on the so-called feedback touch (haptic feedback). This basically means thousands of units deployed anywhere in the body when you get command will push the body of the place, giving a sense of real touch. In addition, the units have a chance to cool or warm places, further simulating real conditions. According to Tesla Studios, creators of Tesla Suit (which, strangely, had nothing to do with the Tesla Motors Elon Musk), Tesla Suit is compatible with all current systems for virtual reality as Oculus Rift, X-Box and the like. Which means, you can attach one of these devices on their head and play Mass Effect within the entire virtual world. Telsa Studios are yet to publish the price of Tesla Suit, but it is expected to be at the market sometime in 2016. We look forward to seeing their market success and the introduction of a revolution in the world of virtual reality. More info at the official site www.teslasuit.com

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