Winter’s new immersive tech 3-D dream-pop video: A Dangerous Minds premiere

Winter, led by American-Brazilian musician, Samira Winter, is one of the most-acclaimed groups in the current dream-pop scene.

Their new immersive music video for “Wherever You Are,” premiering here at Dangerous Minds, “portrays the multi-verse galaxy of what a Winter world would look like through augmented reality visuals.”

The video which uses new technology to allow YouTube users to navigate 360 degrees through the image field “breaks all perception of space and time” according to Winter’s press release. Well, that might be overstating it just a bit, but the ability to move through 3-D space is a novel concept and one wonders what artists will be able to do with this technology in the future. One gets the feeling that this is only the beginning.

The ability to interact with the imagery makes this worth checking out, completely aside from the fact that Winter are really good at what they do musically. 

Lionel Williams (AKA Vinyl Williams) created the unique video and also mixed the track, which is from their forthcoming album Ethereality.

Artwork for upcoming Winter single.
According to the band:

“We wanted Lionel Williams to mix this song because of the sound of his music. We all really love his work and the expansiveness in his music which can feel so spacey and so maximalistic at the same time. We sent him the stems to the track and he sent us a mix back in a few days. That mix felt really magical and had some really cool delays which he created in separate tracks adding more to the spacey feel. The title of the song “Wherever You Are” leaves it a lot open- this feeling of space, of longing, of desire, of reach to something far.“

Check out “Wherever You Are” here. You can navigate on your desktop, but I’ve found the concept works even better on a mobile device.


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